Why is Sales so important?

BY Greg Anyon · PUBLISHED January 08, 2018

Nothing happens in life without one person selling something to another. Selling skill is at the heart of our daily lives and the prosperity enjoyed by families, businesses, communities and nations. Every job’s purpose is to create sales prosperity.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. The better you are at selling, the better your life will be! Jenny sells herself at the job interview. Jimmy sells his skills when he tries to get more work as a painter decorator. Melissa sells her talents when suggesting that she gets a pay rise. Danny sells his department (and his future promotion) when he does that presentation to the management team. Everything you do is about selling. But it doesn’t just apply at work. The skills and principles that you use there apply to the rest of your life too. You sell to the Policeman to avoid getting that speeding ticket. You sell to the shopkeeper to give you a little extra something for free. You sell to your partner to get them to prepare dinner tonight, your kids to tidy their rooms and your neighbour to hurry up and replace their rotten fence. Selling gets you what you want.

Selling’s a skill that you need in every part of your life and being good at it gets you more. Everybody sells, but it’s the people that are great at it that get the most, out of everything. If you want to see the best of selling you get more of what you want, dive in to our content now!