PINZO Privacy

Privacy Policy


This privacy policy applies to your use of the PINZO service.  PINZO is owned and managed by PINZO Limited.  Our corporate details are set out in our terms and conditions.


  1. Compliance with law and general principles
    1. We will never knowingly deal with personal data about you in a way that contravenes the Data Protection Act 1998 or our applicable privacy policy.
    2. We have filed a notification with the Office of the Information Commissioner. Our registration number is  ZA274802.
  2. When we collect data

We collect and use data about you when you:

  1. do business with us, whether in person, by email, over the telephone or over our online channels. The data we collect will be that which you volunteer to us; for example your name, contact details, what you are buying and how you are paying; and any information passed to us from third parties (for example the payment processor) about you.
  2. visit our website. The data we collect will include the pages of our site that you visit, the information that your browser transmits to us (such as which browser and version, whether javascript is used etc).  If you register with PINZO and/or purchase any of the PINZO subscriptions, then you will need to provide further information about yourself, what you want to buy and your payment methods. 
  1. How and why we collect data
    1. Most of the time we collect data simply from what you communicate to us; and the need for the information is evident (i.e. you are telling us what you want to buy). If you log in to PINZO via one of our single sign-on partners we may also get information about you from that partner.  Our partners will get your permissions to share this information before doing so. 
    2. In accordance with legislation we must get your consent to use cookies on PINZO that are not necessary for the website to function. If you use PINZO then your consent will be assumed and we will store several cookies on your computer to allow us to identify you when you visit our sites and to track your progress as you move through the pages and view videos.  This is to provide you with a consistent user experience and to provide us with information about where we can improve the way that the PINZO website is organised.  Most browsers allow you to set preferences on which cookies you accept and also to delete cookies that have been stored.  Our cookie policy is available here.
    3. The video player that PINZO uses is licensed for use on PINZO by JW Player When you view one of the PINZO videos, because of the way that JW Player is built, you are also interacting with the JW Player servers and they will be receiving data from you and storing information within your browser’s storage area. This is outside our control and you should make yourself comfortable with the JW Player privacy policy before using PINZO.  If you have any concerns please let us know as we are always striving to improve our service to you.
    4. We provide more details about cookies in our cookie policy
  2. How Long We store the Data.
    1. Purchases
      1. We do not hold card information that you provide through the PINZO website. This is held by our payment processor (Stripe) and PINZO will never get nor see this information.  Instead we store a unique transaction ID that can be used by the card companies to identify a transaction at a later stage.
      2. We store this transaction ID and all the information about your purchase from us for seven years in order to comply with legislation relating to financial records. We may also store such information for at least as long as you have a PINZO account.
    2. We will store your basic user credentials and your site preferences for as long as you have an account with PINZO. Note that deleting your account will not necessarily result in deleting this data as we will need to retain some or all of it in order to evidence that you had an account and made purchases (if that is the case).
    3. Information gathered from the PINZO website that relates:
      1. to each page impression (as opposed to your purchases or registration) is kept for a short period that depends on the size of the overall server logs;
      2. to your activities whilst you are visiting PINZO is stored by a supplier to PINZO and then utilised by a variety of online service providers to PINZO in order to help us understand how you use PINZO;
      3. to the videos that you have watched are retained in your history for your reference and to ensure that PINZO presents you with an optimum experience; and
      4. to any social contribution you make on the PINZO website (comments, reviews, discussion posts and the like) will remain on PINZO forever (unless we choose to delete them). Note that cancelling your account will not remove nor anonymise this class of contribution.
    4. A subset of all your information is kept for longer but is anonymised and aggregated with other data in order to show us more general trends. This information cannot be used to identify you and so is not subject to this privacy policy.
  3. Non-Personal Data

Data that is not personal data (under the Data Protection Act) may be kept and used by us without limitation. 

  1. Contacting You
    1. In some cases we may use the personal data that we hold on you in order to contact you (for so long as you have a PINZO account and/or in the event that there is a problem with any purchase you have made)
      1. as necessary for the operation of the PINZO website (always without contravening this privacy policy);
      2. to inform you about changes to our terms and conditions, this privacy policy or other policies that we publish;
      3. to inform you about material changes to PINZO;
    2. We may also use the personal data that we hold on you in order to contact you (for so long as your PINZO account is not marked “inactive”):
      1. to decide whether to promote a particular product to you whilst you are using PINZO
      2. to send you newsletters and other communications about what we have been doing
      3. to decide whether or not to market one or more of our products to you.

If we use email to do any of the above, each such email from us will contain a link allowing you to unsubscribe from future emails of that type.  Email campaigns are set up in advance so please allow a few days for the unsubscription to take practical effect.

  1. Transmitting data to third parties
    1. We will never sell the personal data that we hold on you to any third party.
    2. We will transmit some of the data that you give us to our payment processor (Stripe), for the purpose of taking payment for products that you have bought from us.
    3. If we are offering you credit, we may provide data about you to credit reference agencies that use that information to identify you and give us information about your credit rating. You can find out what data credit reference agencies hold on you by approaching those agencies.
    4. If there are problems with payment we may provide certain data about those problems to credit referencing agencies and to our bankers and the other participants in the relevant card schemes.
    5. If we are compelled by law (e.g. for police investigations or following a Court Order) we will disclose the data we hold about you in accordance with the law or the Court Order as the case may be.
  2. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this privacy policy from time to time. 

The current version number is 1.0.0 and this was first published on 26th September 2017 and applies to all data stored after that date.