How to live the life of your dreams

BY Greg Anyon · PUBLISHED July 26, 2018

7 Layers of Building your Life Plan

To have an amazing life that makes all your dreams come true, you’ve got to have a Life Plan. It’s your life, right? So, it should follow that no-one can tell you what your Life Plan looks like. The PINZO Life Plan is there to help you shine a light into the darkness of what the future looks like and permanently illuminate it! PINZO gives you the ideas and the format but it’s your mountain. You make it as tall or as small as you want. Change it any time you like.

PINZO says that your plan should be 7 Layers deep and your life is based on an amazingly rewarding career in Sales. To make it happen, you have to write your plan and develop the skills and motivation to make it happen.

Briefly, here are the layers:

  • Take a walk on the human side. PINZO’s Speech, Language and Communication assets are the foundation of what you will spend the rest of your life doing: selling to human beings
  • Develop CORE selling skills. Visit the engine room regularly. Go to PINZO’s Nuclear CORE of Selling and keep developing your skills.
  • Get the job. PINZO walks you through how to get the right job, time after time.
  • Do amazing at the job. PINZO equips you with the qualities through which each job that you do will build your future.
  • Build your Revenue Plan. PINZO’s Revenue Plan is available for you right now, so that you can plan out what you sell and what you earn.
  • Choose your job progression. The job-map is at the heart of PINZO’s Life-Plan. It provides you with examples of some of the potential steps in your journey.
  • Decide on your life destinations and achievements. PINZO shows you the way.

 The Life Plan provides 7 Layers to help you map your amazing Life Plan. All you’ve got to do is keep building with every piece of content that PINZO publishes. Use it to improve the job that you’re doing and build for the next job that you want. The content will continue to develop alongside your progression, partnering you in your amazing life.