A third of millennials are doomed

BY Greg Anyon · PUBLISHED August 02, 2018

A body called Resolution Foundation has produced a report that says: “Up to a third of young people face living in private rented accommodation all their lives”.

Well that sucks, doesn’t it! Here’s the good news: you’ve spent most of your recent years in education and it hasn’t given you enough to be able to buy your own home! Or, you bombed out of education because it didn’t suit you, thinking you could get on with your life, and you’re not even going to be able to afford your own groovy pad! Wait a minute: that doesn’t sound good.

Do you know what that means? When you own a house, typically the value goes up over a few years and you make a bundle of extra cash when you sell it.

Or, you can keep trading your palace in on a new, bigger, swankier one every few years using the cash that you’ve built up.

Instead, you’ve got to live in a place that’s owned and controlled by someone else. YOU’RE paying their mortgage. That’s right. You’re paying their mortgage off so that they’re left with an asset, a property that’s worth hundreds of thousands to them. All courtesy of you, when you could have been paying for your own house!

The good news is that if the government pulls it’s finger out quickly enough (unlikely) to do something about it, you might be able to buy some ‘affordable housing’. Wait a minute: that doesn’t sound like the GOOD news either, does it? And ‘affordable’ sounds like you’ll be living in an eco-pod with one room and a toilet, surrounded by hundreds of others doing the same thing. Mmmmh, sounds fabulous…

What a depressing thought.

PINZO says: stop listening to PREVENTERS trying to dictate the pace of your life.

Reject the conditions that PREVENTERS place on the quality that you’re allowed to have.

Don’t listen when PREVENTERS tell you: “What your parents had is way-better than anything you’ll achieve”.

Screw ‘em.

Take control.

Go do something about it.

What’s the problem?

Can’t afford the deposit on your own place because you’re stuck in an entry-level job that’s only going to give you everything you need to be average?

The hell with that. Here it is: do you want to live the life you want, owning your own home and much, much more? So, learn some skills, get a game plan and go get it!

The job that will take you there quick, that’ll give you the deposit and the salary fast – if you do it right – is Sales. Let me give you that again: doing well at Sales will pay you way-more than any other job! Go to, get the sales skills and all the inside track you need to do way-better than your parents, so you can tell all the PREVENTERS to go PINZO.