How much does PINZO cost?

Today, PINZO costs as much as the air that you breathe – absolutely nothing!


Can I share PINZO videos?

Yes please! Share them with anyone that you think will get a buzz out of PINZO’s Core Selling videos!


What does PINZO mean?

PINZO means Sales Engineering for Humans! It means getting to where you want to go, but faster! It means FREE high-value sales content. It means understanding the sales process in real depth – for FREE! But no, sorry, it’s not an acronym (but tomorrow I guess it could be a crazy sales bot!)


Who are the people behind PINZO?

All of the contributors are highly experienced sales people, trainers, authors and architects of finding the way to the Yes.


What is your privacy policy?

Privacy Policy


Why choose PINZO?

Use anything you can find – from mentors to blogs and podcasts, Youtube videos to forums – devour it all. What you’ll get from PINZO is the joined up process with skills, motivation, mindset, tools and tactics. You’ll get everything you need in one place with video, audio and the written word plus regular “Fixes” that give you new skills, adrenaline shots and sales brain food. Where else can you get that?


Why should I listen to PINZO?

You should only listen to PINZO if your life is on hold. If you’re getting nowhere fast. If you have ambitions that you think sales could help you ride like a Grand National winner. If you feel like you’re waiting for your real life to begin because someone else has got their foot on your future or the ladder is covered in KY jelly or if you don’t feel like you’re completely tooled up to get the job done fast enough. If not, you will have no need for PINZO!


Why should I trust PINZO?

PINZO is staffed by experts who know a lot of what there is to know about all the different jobs in selling because they’ve done or are doing them. They know the winning disciplines, strategies, planning, tactics, mindsets, behaviours, causes and effects. And they have shown thousands of sales people what better-selling looks like, and they’ve gone on to be more successful as a result!


Why should I take the core PINZO course first?

Every sales person has components missing from or in need of refresher in their Core sales process. If you’re getting in to Sales, you want to lay the foundations for success right, first time. In both cases, in less than 2 hours you will get the most meaningful input into your Sales Core and your future success that you have ever had. Get your Core spot-on, then build from there!


What type of sauce should I use on a sausage sandwich?

You choose: email us with your preference and we’ll publish the results. Here are some to choose from:


Brown sauce

Chilli/ hot sauce

French’s American mustard

Other mustard: which one?