Why does my job in sales suck?

BY Greg Anyon · PUBLISHED January 12, 2018

The reason your job in sales sucks might be because you haven’t gotten to know each other properly yet. It’s like jumping into a supercar, dumping your foot on the throttle like an elephant on a pogo-stick and expecting to go faster than Lewis Hamilton. No chance. You’re just gonna keep crashing, right?

Look: Hamilton’s good because he learned to drive-fast. He built skills, nurtured his talent and learned from experts. He fuelled his hunger and ambition to be amazing, even when times we’re tough. He pushed through the crashes, the injury and the pain of losing, learning how to turn it into winning. He made a decision to be a winner, and then identified the process that made it happen. Today he’s a winner, but he still needs to be better than his competitors to win.

If you’ve got that kind of desire and ability, the rewards are sweet. Talented sales people earn more. It’s not the money that’s important; it’s the life it provides. They get more from the work too. They develop skills that set them up in life, not just in business. They achieve and they progress. They get satisfaction and fulfilment from what they do. Adrenaline is their drug and winning ‘s their prize. Throw them any kind of curve-ball and they’ll adapt, improvise and overcome because it’s in their DNA. Every day they achieve their business goals, against all the odds, and keep coming back for more. At the start of the next day’s race, they’re focussed, tuned and motivated to make it all happen again. They want to win.

If that sounds as appealing as tight-rope walking between two tall buildings without a safety-line, wearing a propeller-hat and clown-boots, get a job doing something else, because the profession is not for you.

If you DO like how it sounds, and you think you’ve got the minerals for it, to quote Sean Connery in The Untouchables: What are you prepared to do? You don’t get to be a Lewis Hamilton without a plan. Where do you find THE Sales-Success Plan? Come see us at and let’s start winning races together.