Sales is about greed

BY Greg Anyon · PUBLISHED January 09, 2018

That’s the reputation! Sales is a money-grabbing profession populated by snakes who are only interested in themselves. They’ll use any dirty trick to part the poor, vulnerable and unsuspecting from their money and would sell their grandmother for a profit! Sales people are not to be trusted and should be avoided at all costs.

I agree with all of that except the job title. It’s criminal – the job title I mean. Criminals do that stuff and from what I’m told they do rather well at it. I’m surprised that more people can’t spot the criminals. They give themselves away by the behaviour they use. It’s all about the behaviour they use – pressure tactics for example or that the promises they make are bloody obviously too good to be true.

Sales people are in the business of doing good. Yes, you heard right! Ok: they are financially rewarded when they make sales but you’re not going to make a sale or keep a customer unless you help them to achieve something. Who in their right mind is going to make a business-buy that doesn’t help them? Sales people work proactively with customers to scrutinize their situation. They identify opportunities for improvement, and then show what a purchase will achieve. Buyers are far too savvy to fall for the criminal pressure tactics. Humans can sniff BS at a thousand yards. They respond positively to being helped where the benefit is significant enough to justify the buy.

Helping people is important, and Sales when done properly and with skill is a force for good. It benefits everyone. Check out the course and find out about how the best sales people help their customers.