Realising tomorrow’s potential, today.

BY Greg Anyon · PUBLISHED January 08, 2018

Where are you in your life, right now? Are you bored yet? Where did you think you’d be by now? It’s no fun waiting around while someone else holds you back because they don’t see your true potential. I bet you never thought you’d be doing the same old stuff over and over again for a living, did you?

But here’s the thing. The only person holding you back is you. If you’re not living the life that you want yet, it’s your fault! Do you want to be able to afford to go out whenever you want? Want to go home to your own place? Want to be paying off your own mortgage, not lining someone else’s pockets with rent. Want to travel to all those faraway places you always dreamed of, without having to go economy? Want to share great times with someone who loves it, and build an even better life!

Don’t blame other people. Stop holding yourself back and get on with it! Get on and make that fabulous future happen right now. Go tell the people who aren’t true believers in you to get out of the way. Are you ready for that? I’ll bet! Do yourself a favour then: dive in to and get cracking on realising tomorrow’s potential today.