Changing the world

BY Greg Anyon · PUBLISHED January 10, 2018

Are you the kind of person that wants to make a difference? Do you want to change the world? Maybe you want to achieve something of which you and a bunch of other people can be genuinely proud. Maybe you want to save lives or build a skyscraper, but didn’t qualify as a doctor or an architect.

Don’t worry, there’s another way. There’s something at which you can be amazing which will reward everyone around you. There’s a profession that’ll build purpose, achievement and quality into the lives of everyone you work with. It’s called Sales.

Sales today is about doing the best job that you can for someone else. It’s about providing them with a way of achieving more. It’s about helping others to do it better and sharing the benefits of that with the people around them. It’s about the people around you having a better existence because you did it right and built something of real value that’ll grow.

Sales helps you change lives: for you, your family, company, colleagues, customers and their colleagues. When you do a great job as a sales person, you build the reputation of a profession. Sales is special because it creates something. How good would you feel if you could say, every day: “Today, I created  prosperity, making the world a better place for a bundle of other people”?

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