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PINZO’s 3 Ticks

“If you want to be the best at Sales and be rewarded for it, you’ve got to learn.”

If you want to get a job in sales, PINZO has everything you need to know to get results. If you’re in sales and you’re looking for endless eureka moments that will build your sales success, PINZO has everything you need to know.

But watching, listening and reading isn’t enough. All you’ll get from that is a few lightbulb moments and a few things you might remember. If you want to be the best at sales and be rewarded for it, you’ve got to learn.

Repetition is the key to your future success

PINZO believes that watching, listening and reading needs to be done at least 3 times if you’re going to lay the foundations of Deliberate Muscle Memory. That’s why each video has a 3 tick system to show you how many times you’ve watched.

To be a world-class achiever of any kind it takes repeated training and practice for your skill to become polished and on-demand, anytime you need it. And no matter how amazing you become, keep coming back to the CORE and refreshing it to keep those skills fresh and relevant in your mind, so that your Life Plan delivers exactly what you want!

PINZO’s system is simple:


Keep visiting
Make notes

Rehearse With a friend
With a colleague
In your head
Out loud
Practice In your job
Every day
Be self-critical
Change and improve
Build your confidence Enjoy small victories
Enjoy your big wins
Learn from your mistakes
Adapt, Improvise, Overcome
Feel it!
Build your competence

Keep visiting
Keep revising
Build your Blueprint
Love the skills
Get new skills

Decide what you want to do next!

With PINZO in your corner and your commitment to train hard and win big,

the rest of your amazing life is on its way!